Iamine K.

Well connected talismonger


Dark skinned man of Senegalese descent. A charmer, who pays close attention to his appearance and his physique. Some might suggest he is vain, but never to his face. A changeling: his blue-green eyes catch the light like a feline’s. Friendly, and bohemian but with a temper that turns on a dime. Like a wild cat, the promise of aggression is in every action he takes.


Iamine (EE-aw-meh-NAY) K., Talismonger and immigrant from Western Africa. Well connected, well respected. A shaman of Panther.

He most commonly resides in Capital Hill, plying his trade out the back door of friend’s stores. Always on the move, dislikes to stay too long in one territory. Patron of The Horns, and holds meetings with runners at the establishment.

Iamine K.

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