Chrome Rain

New Years Day, 2060

Endless Party

The Fifties went out with a whimper. Any plans for festivities went out the window when the UCAS military arrived en-mass mid December and occupied the downtown. Everyone feared that Seattle was going to go the way of Chicago — what horrors were the military here to prevent? What could possibly be happening in the SCIRE that would justify such a lockdown.

But, then, as swiftly as it began, it ended: News Years Eve saw the massive exodus of the military. Leaving as mysteriously as they arrived. Now it is Knight Errant that encircles the SCIRE, and becoming the daily face of of the news in the city.

Mother Nature, never one to sit out the action, has lashed the city with rain unending since early December. Satellite feeds show massive cloud systems in the Pacific, and forecast a winter of long dreary rains punctuated with frightful wind storms.

The city exhales, but still waits for the other shoe to drop.

Amidst all this, life must go on, and our four runners find themselves short of cash, short of contacts and recently bereft of their prior teams.



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